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Bridge Constructor Portal

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Bridge Constructor Portal
August 28, 2018


Build unique, challenging bridges with loops and ramps in Bridge Constructor Portal. This fun engineering-style game gives players full freedom to design and build bridges to transport trucks between Aperture Science locations. The added twist is you're also the one testing a build by driving the vehicle through your design.

More Info :

-       Flex your engineering skills by building bridges to transport vehicles between locations for Aperture Science labs, then get behind the wheel and test your design so you can send the Bendies across in convoys to complete your task.

-       Officially incorporates elements from the classic Portal game, including GLaDOS and adding portals to your bridge constructions.

-       Use items like aerial faith plates, repulsion and propulsion gels, and portals to make complex bridge designs.

-       Emancipation grills, acid, laser fields, and sentry turrets add extra complexity and obstacles to overcome when designing your bridge and sending vehicles across.

-       Bridge Constructor mode lets you design bridges and test their strength as you watch trucks and cars successfully make it across or crash as the bridge crumbles under the weight.










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