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Injustice 2 - Legendary Edition

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Injustice 2 - Legendary Edition
March 27, 2018


Forge your very own DC Universe experience in Injustice 2: Legendary Edition. From the largest roster of DC characters ever assembled in a fighting game, you can select your favourites and customize their look, fighting style, gear, and even how they develop throughout the game. Battle your friends or dive into the cinematic single-player story.

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Legendary Edition

-       Includes 10 additional characters and 5 Premiere Skins, including Hellboy and TMNT.

The best of DC Universe

-       Brings together the largest collection of iconic DC Super Heroes and Super Villains from the DC Universe in fighting game history.

-       Select your favourite characters and customize their look, fighting style, and how they develop across game modes.

-       Equip each character with unique and powerful gear earned as you progress throughout the game and its challenges.

-       Throw down and let the fists fly in epic battles set in iconic DC Universe locations, such as Gotham City and Atlantis.

A new threat rises

-       Continues and builds on the epic cinematic storyline set in motion throughout Injustice: Gods Among Us.

-       Batman and his allies are putting the pieces of society back together but are struggling against those who would restore Superman's Regime.

-       In the midst of this struggle, a new threat appears, forcing old enemies to forge new alliances.

-       Built by the creators of the legendary Mortal Kombat franchise, bringing their renowned storytelling and best-in-class fighting mechanics to the DC Universe.










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