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Jagged Alliance Rage

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Jagged Alliance Rage
December 6, 2018


You and a team of seasoned mercenaries battle an evil drug overlord for island control in Jagged Alliance: Rage!. Utilize tactical gameplay skills to survive and conquer this jungle hell without having a complete breakdown. Take out the enemy with stealth, brute force, individual character abilities, and even experimental drugs.

More Info :

-       Sequel to the popular Jagged Alliance franchise takes place 20 years after the first edition.

-       Travel into a jungle hell, testing your mental and physical capabilities to their limits.

-       You and a team of seasoned mercenaries try to overtake an entire island ruled by a drug overlord and his psychotic army.

-       Destroy structures and strengthen the island's population while fighting dehydration and receiving no home support.

-       Adventure elements enhance the deep turn-based tactical gameplay.

-       Use everything from stealth to brute force to achieve your mission, including manipulating the enemy with experimental drugs.

-       Each character has a strong personality with individual skills, desires, and personal conflict for an enriched experience.

-       Character's abilities become more powerful throughout the battle.

-       Coordinate enemy troops on the battle fields.

Compete in 2-player online co-op mode.










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