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Lapis X Labyrinth

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Lapis X Labyrinth
May 28, 2019


Immerse yourself into the world of action-packed dungeons in Lapis X Labyrinth Limited Edition. Choose between eight unique character classes from the mighty Destroyer to the swift Hunter to build your party. Use their special abilities or unite together to take down ferocious creatures and claim your treasure.

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Limited Edition

-       Includes the base game, the "Dango Beats" official soundtrack to enhance the action of the game, "My Labyrinth Photo Album" hardcover art book, and a collector's box.

Lapis x Labyrinth

-       Build a party of up to four different characters, swapping between them to unleash a variety of attacks.

-       Explore the Labyrinth and take on more than 100 monsters who stand between you and great riches.

-       Defeat enough enemies and activate Fever Mode to destroy your opponents and shower you with loot.











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