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My Time at Portia

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My Time at Portia
May 14, 2019


My Time at Portia is an exciting RPG simulation game. In the open-world game, you start off renovating an abandoned workshop in the town of Portia. Meet the locals, learn their stories, and work on daily commissions. With an endless list of tasks to complete and places to explore, this game will keep you engaged for hours.

More Info:

-       You've arrived in Portia to begin renovations on an abandoned workshop you inherited. Get to know the town, the people, and perform requests and commissions for the villagers in this open-world simulation game.

-       Jam packed with activities from farming and fishing to cooking and exploring the ancient runs and dungeons.

-       Personalize your character to make them truly unique.

-       Interact with villagers to learn more about their history and get job assignments.

-       Expansive map provides plenty of exploration opportunities with ancient ruins and dungeons where you can mine for treasures and resources using your tools and the Relic Scanner.

-       Features monsters and bosses you must defeat as you go hunting for loot.










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