Shovel Knight Treasure trove

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Shovel Knight Treasure trove
December 31, 2019


Embark on every Shovel Knight adventure in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove for PlayStation 4. You'll take on the role of Shovel Knight as you run, jump, and battle in a quest to save your lost love. This classic adventure game series features memorable characters, an 8-bit retro aesthetic, and exciting gameplay.

More Info :

-       Includes all four Shovel Knight games so you can take down the nefarious knights of the Order of No Quarter and their leader, the Enchantress.

-       8-bit retro styling adds old-school appeal to this action-adventure game.

-       Run, jump, and battle your way through adventures to save your lost love.

-       In Shovel of Hope, you'll experience the original adventure as you battle foes and collect treasures to defeat the Order of No Quarter.

-       Plague of Shadows puts you in the role of maniacal alchemist, Plague Knight, as you work to brew the perfect potion.

-       In Specter of Torment, the prequel to Shovel Knight, you'll summon your scythe, become the reaper, master a new arsenal of weapons, and recruit the Order of No Quarter.

-       King of Cards lets you play as the King Knight, travel through four new worlds and more than 30 new courses, and journey to best the Three Kings who rule the land.