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World War Z

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World War Z
April 16, 2019


The zombie apocalypse is upon us in World War Z. Team up in squads of 4 as you battle an endless swarm of zombies threatening to overrun you and wipe everyone out. Use strategic cover, powerful weapons, and work together to survive. In PVP, experience a unique twist where you're battling both zombies and other players.

More Info:

-       In a world overrun with zombies, survival is all that matters. Build strong characters, upgrade weapons, and work together in this third-person shooter jam packed with intense, gruesome firefights.

-       Features story-driven co-op campaigns where teamwork is essential for survival.

-       Six character classes you can level up and upgradeable weapons for building stronger characters for tackling tougher challenges.

-       Player-versus-Player-versus-Zombie mode presents a unique challenge where you're battling against other survivors while defeating zombie swarms in a fight to be the last one standing.


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